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Getting to Know My Android

Cosmetic Imperfections Possible

Android Protocol 1

Getting to know my Android

The journey began and quickly continues

As fast as my thoughts begin to travel

My Android is always a step ahead

When loading a random app or game

My attention drifts to a new process

Spelling is easily corrected with the Android

My need for knowledge and simple tasks

Quickly completed by my good buddy Android

I need no real time, instant answers, from my brain

Once again Android processes all my answers

My head always down and facing the ground

Somehow Android knows if I should move

And if I don't others will sense they should move

Android can take my notes and store them in a cloud

Sound absorb? Not at all. Virtual clouds are it.

Soon enough my Android will get an update

All that means is faster app processing and bigger clouds.

My Android is my best friend, we go everywhere together

Protected from weather in my back pocket

Fully insured if it dies from a tragic accident or drowning

My Android will always be around

Oh, by the way where has everybody gone.

I see many people all over, yet all heads are down.

Heads are down on buses

Heads are down in restaurants

Heads are down in malls

Soon self driving cars will allow us to have all our heads down

Blank stares are also common place

When heads are not down, they look for connectivity

No signs of connection the heads go back down

Did I say I love my Android??

Waiter, Waiter where is my family?

I'm sure we came here together, did we not?

Oh oh did I Android say I love my Android?



(Proofed By Android)

Poem created by Keypad

Saved In The Cloud

Matthew Mikituk
Matthew Mikituk

Good day everyone. We all have a story to share. Some of us keep to ourselves. I enjoy poetry and  holistic healing. If you like my poems / reviews and would like to leave  a tip towards my Reiki Courses that will be forever appreciated. 

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Getting to Know My Android
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