Gently Resting

A poem

She sobs silently

Her gentle heart broken

Her gray hair frayed.

As her only son lies in the ground.

Gently resting.

He signed up patriotically

Came back in a flag covered box

His father's glee came crashing down when war broke all the hearts.

Here he now lies.

Gently resting.

His face twists in pain no more.

His eyes cry no more tears.

His blood trickles like rain off his skin no more

No more does he fight for survival.

He is

Gently Resting.

The graveyard is full now.

Fields of white mark where they rest.

He was a son

America's son

He isn't the only one.

Heather Collier
Heather Collier

I am a student who writes about things that interest me. From video games to poems I have wrote, I will post just about everything. You're welcome to come along for the ride! 

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