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Gazing at Stars in the Sky

Dreamy Life

Boulevard of Dreams

During the day I work hard,

No time to dream but to give constructive output,

My shadow walks besides me,

Sometimes distractions conquer my brain,

And I lose my direction of path,

When results are not up to the mark,

People rate me down,

People tend to create hatred and hamper my path towards success,

But Then I say to myself.

These are the FOOLS but i am WISE,

Don't let them come into your way of success,

They will try to bribe you,

They will try to physically harm you,

They will try to distract you,

But be matured enough to handle them,

Don't let these FOOLS distract you,

You can't let them conquer your brain,


Let them know who YOU are,

The Real YOU,


A Hero who can walk alone on a lonely road,

On a boulevard of broken dreams,

Fearless and Bold,

Let the sky be the limit,

Stars can be counted with DETERMINATION,

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!

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Gazing at Stars in the Sky
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