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"My dry eyes open; I’m waking. Can’t catch the world for my taking..."

My dry eyes open; I’m waking.

Can’t catch the world for my taking.

I got fail on repeat;

instead of shuffling my feet

to my own drumbeat.

I toss and turn with the irritating

aching of a mind that’s breaking.

I wake up feeling nauseous;

my head feels heavy.

I sit up in bed; cautious.

The room spins; I’m unsteady.

The light striking

a pain behind my eye.

Please brain, make it subside.

A throbbing I dread as

get off the bed.

My hands feel shaky;

I feel so crazy.

Let me backspace,

before I vomit all over the place.

I finally got my acetaminophens;

maybe I should sleep again.

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