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Frozen Still

Bitternes of Vengeance

In the beginning, there was hope. Now we are barely holding on to the rope. Day by day, I watch as the darkness grows. My heart breaks, yet they do not know. I could tell my heart, yet I wonder what good would that do when it is not heard from the start? 

Frozen Still in time or so it seems. With their words; this world is cold and mean. No tender, warm looks cast my way; coldness and hate are their way. Night after night, I continue to pray; Why Lord, do they treat me in such a way? 

Frozen still with the pieces of my broken heart, Love they know not; even from the start. I thought, I will have mercy; be patient and forgive. Yet, when all is the same in darkness; How does one move on and live? 

My Frozen heart stays broken in time; awaiting my True Beloved to claim me as his. Now and forever, True Love is eternally mine. 

Though this heart may stay Frozen Still; my mind and spirit will be in True Love forever, where no man nor creature can come and kill. Though this heart may have a shell of ice around it; within the fire of Love heals and mends with His Spirit. 

Innocence of Love melts my ice shell; yet the willful destruction of innocence causes the bitter coldness of  vengeance to swell. Silence of their angelic voices is gone away; I can hear their cries of pain day by day. 

When, they cry, when will we be avenged for our slaughter? Their blood screams in my spirit, in which seems like forever. I pray for their spirits, for their cries come unto me in my dreams; under the altar they are until vengeance is sought out and justice brought against the killers's evil means. 

Frozen Still, in this time of woe; walking calmly in the midst of this chaos. Like a panther, I sit and await the time justice is to be brought for innocence lost. My heart may be frozen still; yet within the fire of love rages and boils, awaiting mine enemy; hate, to kill. 

In my dreams, I see their spirits trapped in time; frozen still in their cries of pain, become mine. Their spilt blood cries unto mine soul; "When will we be avenged, must this pain be our forever toll?" My heart is with them in heaven above; mourning with them in Love. 

Justice and righteousness is my thirst; for the slaughter of the innocence to end and complete destruction of this curse. Yea, let the righteous mourn for the innocent lost; while the wicked are consumed by their own chaos. 

Time for mourning is near the end; vengeance for the blood of the innocent is at hand. There will be mourning and gnashing of teeth; when the wicked are cast out and desolation will be their meat. Forever lost in a wilderness of flames; dumb, deaf, blind and lame. Forever burning in their eternal damnation; for the evil deeds they face this condemnation. 

Violence and death are everywhere here; I walk calmly observing until the end comes near. Though my heart is encased in ice; within is a Fire that never dies. Frozen Still, here in this time; awaiting patiently for him to come, when I will be joined with his army and his vengeance will also be mine. 

Though this ice shell stays strong around my heart; within the flames of Love promise a renewed start. Dreams and visions of heaven softens this heart with an ice shell; which in turn gives me Good messages to tell. For now, I am but a messenger in his eyes; a guide for the old and young alike. Til the day of Glory comes upon us all; I will walk in Love and shall not fall. This promise is set in stone; with my name he gives me, for only him and I to know. 

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Mindy Sleeper
Mindy Sleeper

I have been an creative writer since I was a teenager; majority short stories(fiction and non fiction), poetry, journal writing. I also like writing educational essays and case management assessments in Criminal Justice.

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