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From Pain Comes Strength

A story of how inner pain can create beauty and strength Vocal#NPM

In the midnight hour I think of how I’m a delicate flower. Something to be admired, truly inspired.

I walk around with heart ache, and I wish that I was desired not by any and every man, but cautiously and exquisitely designed to be one of a kind not just a lustful thought running through your mind from time to time.

I was born to stand out, to stand my ground, and be proud. Proud of who I am and who I am becoming.

Most people see the beauty presented by the eye but me, I’m much more than that. I shine brighter than any star in the sky and I must remain true to that. I don’t hesitate to break the mold of society to rise above and become what I was meant to be.

Instead of searching hopelessly I wait patiently for the evil to dissipate while my feelings and emotions fluctuate. Love and compassion run through my veins like water running through the Everglades.

As they once taught me to take what I was given and not fight back. All is forgiven but I’m not one to forget. The pain and fear are nothing but motivation and my mind races with anticipation. 

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From Pain Comes Strength
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