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[Art for Freedom Project]

Most of the time

We don’t even really know what we want

How is that freedom?

We can have a million choices

and be completely lost

in consciousness

Does all your might keep you stuck?

The love you feel

The awe

Does it set you free?

Do you feel tied up?

A state of mind

A thought

Not being able to let go

Do you get up

Every day

Quiet that voice

That tells you


In your comfort zone

Like a slave

No need for shackles

Just your brain

Caught up in a routine

Becoming insane

Doing the same all over

And expecting a change

Numb to reality

Asleep to yourself

So how do you break out of this jail?

Against all odds

No sense

Break the rules

Go through the pain

Normal is just a code for dead

To live you have to be brave

So drop your revenge and pride

Hold that hand that’s reaching out

Take a leap out of your grave

Listen to what your soul says

Never know what happens next

Constant thrill driving your senses

But if you stop and revel…

You lost freedom

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