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Free Write Poem: Jun Seba

A Celebration of the Life of Nujabes

Jun Seba

Jun Seba, or Nujabes as he was commonly known, was a Japanese producer, dj, arranger, and musical savant who touched the hearts of may people all over the globe. He was mostly known for his soft jazz tones and soothing, melodic hip hop beats. He often worked with various artists, most notably, for me, Shing02 and Uyama Hiroto. He was the founder of Hydeout Productions which lasted from 1996 to his heartbreaking and untimely death in 2010. He released 3 studio albums: Metaphorical Music, Modal Soul, and Spiritual State. This is a short poem celebrating his immense effect on me and many others.

Jun Seba

He is muddy like the lotus

clear like the streams

the inward eye will notice

he is bursting at the seams.

they speak to the soul,

the art of his hands.

o’er the lives they mold,

he stands.

the city is bustling

in breathless motion

herrings hustling

through life’s endless ocean.

in this war he is vapor;

a seamless flow of energy.

grasping every inch and acre,

he tames the enemy.

luv sic are their hearts

six times over

he’s been there from the start,

the pain is sober.

new life was swift,

like a swallow to its prey

to grasp and up lift

his spirit to stay.

immortal is the loss

of a master of emotion

the rhythms lay soft

still, is the ocean.

he is the path, and life is the goal

inscribed in love, in heart, and in soul.

Bold: I wandered lonely as a cloud – William Wordsworth
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Free Write Poem: Jun Seba
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