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Free Me

Freeze me.

Frostbite starts from the tips of your toes and fingers and slowly spreads. Like blood through your veins it travels a beautiful path through the body, along the skin. The path it leaves behind is permanent. The trail it leaves behind begins to fall into a bliss. Limbs are free. Freeze me.

To freeze is both painful and peaceful. Too cold to be comfortable but too tired to move. Deep breaths crystallize and tears never fall. If chipped at too often, larger chunks begin to fall. Limbs freeze. Free me.

Remember what warmth felt like and remember the warm breeze. Close the lid and hope it doesn't stick. Just for a few seconds, rest. Just for a few seconds forget what it means to freeze and remember how it felt in warmth. Heat so sweltering it brought out anger. Get angry. Freeze me.

No toes, no fingers, just breaths and shudders. Mind in the gutter. Voice doesn't utter. It's quiet. Almost peaceful, but so uncomfortable. Moving causes scars with no Vaseline to ease it. But suddenly it feels warmer. Free me.

Euphoria never felt so great than to heal the frozen limbs. They won't come back but it feels so great. The heart, it pumps so warm and powerful, so slowly, lungs tight. It fights. Hallucinations, blankets, darkness, peace. Freeze me.

Bump. Bump... Bump... Bump... bump... peace at last. Free me.

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Free Me
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