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Freckle Stars and Acne Scars

An Artist's Guide to Falling in Love

To fall in love with someone -

draw them.

Pick up a pencil, paintbrush or pen.

Map out their facial structure and then

Caress that canvas with your utensil,

Kiss the paper with your pencil.

Cross-hatched eyebrows, pointillist freckled cheeks,

Draw hair cascading in curvy lines

And tickle them with flowy streaks.

But don't forget their under-eyes,

Befriend their crooked teeth,

Amidst freckle stars, find acne scars, or a birthmark shaped like a tree.

As you carve out their dimples,

Remember those pimples -

There might be two or three

Or four or five, a plethora sublime,

But you must draw what you see.

For a face is never so simple

And hair never so neat.

Without those pores or even warts, that face is incomplete.

Think twice before you rub away

That strange mole on their jaw

For if you think you should erase

Whatever may be flawed

Then they no longer need your gaze,

For if their 'imperfections' are ignored

Then you have failed as an artist;

You haven't drawn your love,

As you've only admired the conventional bits,

When beauty's in all the above.

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Freckle Stars and Acne Scars
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