Forgotten Tears

A Self-Inflicted Mutiny

Photograph by Author

Alone with my thoughts the world is caving in on me;
Letter by letter, my thoughts unravel and swirl around me like a violent tornado.

The violence of my unraveled thoughts makes me shudder and slip into the darkness I know so well;
down, down, down I go — wrapped into the oppressive void.

For a moment I struggle in fear, but then my limbs become still as they accept the inevitable;
this road I know all too well and finally the heavy quiet lulls me to sleep.

In the deep recesses of my subconscious I can feel myself swimming through the fear, pain, and desperation I have hid so well from my conscious state;
my fingers become chilled and moist and as I look down on them, I see they are frozen with my reservoir of tears. 

These are tears I refused to shed because I was supposed to be the strong one, the one who always held it together when all else was falling apart;
tears of loss from days that will never be again and for futures that have forgotten about me.

Try as I might to melt the solid tears, I cannot;
rather, it travels up from my fingers to take over the rest of my body, sucking whatever warmth I had left.

I know not to fight this mutiny and so I allow my body to become as ice;
it is quite fitting indeed, becoming one with ice.

Elizabeth Adolphi
Elizabeth Adolphi

As a child I had a flair for the dramatic; as an adult, the flair has turned into a subtle, yet continuous hum. I love to see the world through different scopes and to tell stories based on the takeaway. Cheers!

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