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Fading Away

Can you hear me

When the echoes in my head

Are screaming louder

Than the softness of my bed

Do you see me

When I'm dancing alone

Hiding away

Invisible to be shown

Do you see me

When I'm a table away

Breathing in the words

That you have to say

Can you feel me

When I'm shining bright

Twirling like a top

On a Friday night

Can you feel me

When the rain no longer pours

Aching from the silence

That shrivels from the sun

Are you there

When I no longer see

Whether you are here or there

Or if you believe in me

Have I became a ghost

That moves in the shadows

Feeling you

Seeing you

But nothing will follow

Are there any words

That I can only mutter

To fill the holes

That have become so hollow

To show the love

That I do not remember

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