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From My Heart

A picture I took of the Supermoon on Jan. 31, 2018.

My hands are bare and cold down to the phalanges

As I type this message to you and only you.

Take it as you will, for I cannot be there to help Interpret

The Words that appear In front of you right now.

It is hard to describe what I’ve been feeling Lately.

A strange Longing feeling that haunts me in A way;

I could be sitting in my room by my Lonesome

And find a Way to bring you right back into my brain.

It doesn’t make A lot of sense, Yes I know this for sure,

But it is Something I am not able to control.

I find myself stuck in the Lull of this state

With no other Option but to accept it as it is:

As something that won’t Vary, but stay consistently true

For as long as I’m living - I’m sure of it.

With Every waking moment, You’re there,

Drifting through, passing by, almost like you’re Observing me.

Simply and Unapologetically pristine

Until I am no more. 

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