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Forest of Love

As the trees speak, I listen.

Photo by: Morgan Leigh Callison

Oh forest of beauty and grace

thank you for the energy

you deliver straight to my soul.

As I sit and be still

I am reminded

of what it means to be me

with this connection

to all that is.

I give you my hand

as an offering

of thanks.

You bathe me with light

as the drops

fall from your branches and leaves.

You remind me to breathe

in the most simple way.

My gratitude grows each day

for what you bring to life

as you stand and grow

roots that spread as they know

just where to go.

The lessons you teach

reach much farther than

you may expect.

The respect

you quietly possess

is a blessing

for all who can feel

the realness

of the wisdom

that runs through your veins.

As I remain

in your presence

I gain a greater sense

of sweetness for life.

I understand what it means

to be the strength

when needed,

to hear the calls of action

that have been seeded

as each season

passes from one to the next. 

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Forest of Love
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