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For You

A Love That Could Shatter the Sky

I have never understood my feelings for you, 

How they could shatter the sky, even the rocks beneath us

How I am left breathless if I allow myself to truly contemplate them,

It makes me so uncomfortable to know that you have so much power

over my entire soul and heartbeat,

Like this whole world is but a barren landscape 

without you at my fingertips.

My whole being is erupting with a raging, swirling storm of a love,

for only you.

I am sorry that I often fail to contain them

and sometimes allow them to slip out so sharply.

"I feel like I am going to explode"

I know that I am as heavy as the moon as a weight upon your shoulders,

I wish I was a feather for you.

If I could scoop up the universe right into my palms

I would neatly fold it into a brown paper envelope,

and place it in your chest pocket.

But boy, I still don't think that could portray how loud my love for you.

I know I am sometimes a human riddle

and I do not make sense to any mind,

But perhaps that is because you are the air that my lungs need

and I just never expected to feel a love so thick

that it engulfed me completely, and it scares me.

I am sorry that I am not easy to love,

But if I could rearrange the stars, I would

spell out your name.

You are my light, you are my song. 

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For You
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