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For You

Because I Miss You

Because Our Friendship was as Bright as the Sun

Even in the dark, I could still see the light,

And you became a candle that burned so bright.

The Lord blessed this world when creating you,

And I'm sure your parents are just as thankful too.

Because of your happiness, I have a better perspective on the future and past,

But I disapprove our time together being so fast.

You left this world for reasons I will never know,

But your light shines brighter for those who continue to grow.

Even though you aren't with us today,

I am sure you are happy in heaven celebrating your heart away.

Because of your happiness, I am able to see a brighter today,

But your passing has left me at dismay.

Graduation is coming up, but you will not be there,

My heart is sad, but we shall be rescued from despair.

Our God above has healed my heart,

Your happiness and goofiness has now become an art.

Now as I bid farewell to thee,

I know that your life was truly a victory.

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For You
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