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For You

Wars are fought all the time.

How far are you willing to go? To fight? To dream?

Knowing that your story might end, Right here, Right now

Knowing that you aren’t going to just nod of peacefully

Knowing that you will probably suffer


Not knowing if you will ever make it home

Not knowing if you will get a chance to say goodbye

Not knowing if they will be the last thing you see

as you fade away, For forever


I always thought of myself as a fighter

Not someone easily taken out

But this is something more, Something way out of my control

Something that will battle it’s way out


Something that I can’t stop or resist, As it grows fast and strong

Consuming my body, My Hopes, My Dreams, My soul

Devouring all in it’s strong willed path

Leaving me breathless


Killing my heart even as it pumps on

As if it doesn’t feel the evil changes that surround me

Almost as if it doesn’t notice that it is only dragging out my pain

My suffering, My loss, As I am consumed by something larger than life


Something that slips through the shadows

Something that I can’t cure

Death by something that will consume us all

Stop our hearts, Kill our dreams, Drain our blood, Rip out our souls


Hurt us more than life on it’s own

Kill us faster than nature intended

For any of us

What am I fighting for?


I fight for your peace

Your safety

Your happiness

I fight for you with my life

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For You
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