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For My River, for Giving Me Life

I love you.

Photo by Evan Clark on Unsplash 

The universe is always on our side.

Even though she forces us to go through ups and downs

Crying and shouting

Until we feel calmer inside.

I wonder how I can't move on

And it hits me that I will always love you

All my life.

Even though I can't hold your hand

Or guide you the way i want

The occasional hug and smile

Keeps me alive.

Don't get me wrong, to myself i am more kind

And since January of '18 I have had to

Learn that by and by

But instead of tricking myself that

I meant nothing to you

And that you love the new girl more than you ever loved me

I can replay the great memories in my mind

And with happiness I cry.

Today I wanted to scream I LOVE YOU, MY RIVER


But you weren't there to hear it.

Instead I thanked the universe for the way we always seem to collide

So I can make sure you're okay

Beyond the dreams of you I have.

I go over the era where we existed as a duo

And sigh

I wish I had been more kind.

I called you the love of my life

And am truly grateful for the time you shared with me.

Anger has passed and fondness replies

Through warmth and music and sunlight.

I hope one day you read this and smile

And you remember how your kitty tried

To fight.

One day if you ever need me, I will be at home in our space ready for your mind.

My final promise, I will keep until I die.

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For My River, for Giving Me Life
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