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For My Human

The Ultimate Pet Poem!

Since I can’t talk, I try to listen a lot

I kinda can’t write either, but who really needs to do that?

I see the real you from down here on all fours

Too bad I don’t have hands, ‘cause I’d sure like to hold yours.

So what if you’ve been beaten down, time and time again

Rejected and alone, betrayed by all your friends

So you get depressed sometimes and everybody leaves

I’d never abandon you though because I know just how that feels.

You give me baths and haircuts and I’m afraid you always will

Horrible, horrible trips to the vet and somehow I love you still

I know I’m just your pet and I’m probably no big deal

But to me you’re simply the best, that’s how I always feel

So when you have a real bad day

I shake my butt and try to play

I have no arms to give an embrace

So I wag my tail and lick your face.

No matter how many times you yell

‘Cause I peed the carpet and now there’s a smell

There’s no other place I’d rather be

We make the best team, my human and me.