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Suspended Sentences

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Pushing your limits,

every step

the next iteration.

Moving forward

as you race ahead

into a Darkness

of unknowingness,

where all things are shrouded

in mystery,

in a finite realm

where existence

dilates to merely

step, step, kick.

The burn, the road

ahead of you calls you,

A siren's-song

you must heed.

That stopping

is not an option,

knowing that you must keep taking

those steps.

each step tantamount to sanity,

survival, even progress.

Because growth only comes

by moving forward,

not by moving back

and that no matter what happens,

the next step is more important

because the last,

the past,

is condemnatory,

is capital

and sentences

are suspended

by the strictest judge,

your own self,

as long as you keep on


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