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Fooled Around...

And fell in love, (with the devil)

I mistook your mask for a face...
hid my hatred for your endless melodies of lies
in the lovers, I fucked, behind your back, to bury the blue in my heart
and tears in my eyes.

Aw, the pain I wore on the fringes of my emotions, like lace.

beneath my hollow cries.
on a constant tear-streaked disgrace. 

Apparently, was too much for your mind and heart to embrace.
A reality, with a strong, chiseled disposition... has no room in your delusion. Never really had its place
Who would chase?

A partner, confidant, friend, lover...
with a passionate side.'
Hurt smeared all over her face! 

Pickled with disappointment and sadness in her soul...
because she told you her worst fears
(despite the things, she swore she'd keep hidden for years).
Despite her pride.

She bore her soul. 
And yet...
you still became her hell.
You still... "lied."

Yes! I've always known, there was another.
Mirrored your scandalous behaviour, while we fooled around on each other.

Ah, but of course, you'd prefer the other.
Wallowing amongst the pigs, which you've convinced yourself, is the best social circle, suited for your case.

Sweetie, you got the 'balls' to say it to my face?

Or even balanced enough to keep the truth, in place?

I'm learning that the vision I thought was you.
Is a farce, a fantasy that was never true. 
And you knew this too... hence why you ran, like a coward, instead of having the courage to face me, boo.

And un-naturally, the image that you never were, faded into a murky abyss.

Ended with sloppy seconds...
a creampie and a haphazard kiss,
before your breath escaped you... in a fit of gripping guilt, as anxiety tore your heart and ass to bits.
You fled, my place, in a hasty goodnight...

Because "you knew" 'what you did'... wasn't right.

And I smiled...

because I knew you'd carry the weight of your sins... forever...in the recesses of your mind.
And that was all I needed for revenge.

You... a most despicable representation of a human being...

less than, humankind. 

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Fooled Around...
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