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Foggy Days

A Poem About Walking Depression

get up


get started


everyone that you are okay

make sure that you go the right way

sit up


look around


you realize everything would be the same

if only you never came

into the world

keep moving

don't think

when your life

comes to a brink

your foggy days 

and dreary mind 

will all go away

in a matter of time

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I would now like to bring awareness to the topic of this poem: walking/smiling depression. Day to day life doesn't have to be a struggle to the point for you to be unable to get out of bed for it to be depression. Depression can be both high functioning for some people and low functioning for others and just because high functioning may be more mainstream, that doesn't mean that low functioning is nonexistent. 

For more information on walking depression, check out these links.  

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