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Mother's Love

 Focus on the memories, the ones filled with joyous things. Focus on the way it all felt, focus on the memory, the memory of your mothers heartbeat; the strong rhythmic thud against your ear. Focus on the way her voice sounded when she said I love you and you were able to first remember it. Focus on the love that she will always hold for you, and focus on the life that she breathed into you. Focus on the way that she held you, and still holds you when you cry. Focus on the fact that she'll love you even if you don't know why. Focus on your childhood memories, how she was the one you missed the most when you were far away from home. Focus on the smell of her perfume as she hugs you close and tells you that no matter what she'll always love you because you are her home. Focus on the sacrifices that she made, so that you could have everything. Focus on the life that she has tried to help build for you; the one so full of strength, love, courage, and hope. Focus on the way her voice sounded when she sang to you, the love that she conveyed through every note. Focus on your smile, the one that reflects her very own. Focus on her love for you, for it will outlast anyone else that you hold. Focus on the memories as they crash into you, and bask in their glow. Focus on the fact that she is the only one who will ever love you so selflessly, because even though you are you; you are half of her.

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