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Flu Season

Keep 'em clean.

You’d think that

Because we are adults now,

Some of us would learn to wash our hands

After infecting them with our

Bacteria-filled coughs

& disease-ridden sneezes

You’d think we’d know how to protect ourselves

After all of this time, 18 plus years

Of our guardians telling us

To ‘cover your cough!’ and ‘wash your hands!’

You’d think we’d be cleaner?

You’d think.

Right now, Influenza is stronger than ever

She’s spreading like a fire and infecting

All of the students at our school, all of the adults

Students haven’t been getting their shots

Or doing the basics

Like washing your hands before you eat,

Or keeping your cooties to yourself

(stop breathing on me)

The outbreak is worse than ever and please,

I beg of you, get your vaccines

And wash your hands,

And for Pete’s sake

Keep your nasty funk out of my personal space

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Flu Season
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