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Fishes in the Sky


Photo by Brenna Hogan on Unsplash

There they go, one by one,

swimming happily through the sky.

I don't know where they came from,

or why they're here,

but those bright orange fish know what it's like:

To not be tied,

to be free.

They know how to smile,

even though they're imaginary.

Sometimes they hide behind the blue clouds,

yet those fish never cry nor do they yell.

They have a clear goal

and continue to move straight, 

across the star fill sky,

where hate dominates.

They never look back

and leave me behind;

behind with the purple dirt,

which crushes my soul.

I watch them. Everyday.

As they move towards the horizon,

stained with yellow and brown,

Gone for good, so they say.

But when I close my eyes,

they're back again,

those fishes in the sky.

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Fishes in the Sky
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