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First Kiss

Energy Exchange


Have you ever experienced love at first kiss?

Lost in a pure psychedelic inebriation

as she offers me her lips

I offer mine in return--in humble appreciation

Absent is lust where real intimacy is

substituted in its' place;

Subtle breathing become heavy panting

heartbeats begin to synchronize as transcending

metamorphosis occurs post-taste

I paused to trace her supple lips

licking them carefully as passion incarnate

like sealing an envelope of flesh & melanin

sweet. And divine. Her mouth was garnet

Filled with the same cosmic energy & essence

of dark matter found in interstellar galaxies

Our tongues slow dance sending shivers up my Kundalini

What is love if it cannot reciprocate? Evanescence.

A kiss confirming the universe had aligned.

Jaye Mejia
Jaye Mejia

I am a Creator that loves to create.

An old soul Belizean with infinite spirit and a Los Angeles based aspiring screenwriter/director; I work to one day create irrevocably unique films never before thought of. But it doesn't stop there..

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First Kiss
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