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Firefly, Fly Away

A Story on Bullying

It was a cold day as it has been for awhile now. The weather among many other things has become horrific. Mother doesn’t know whether to make it rain or snow, Father doesn’t know when to let go. 

You see, Father collects fireflies as they remind him of Mother; their lights shining bright, some not so much. Father doesn’t like to let go until he is ready, and oh does he get furious when they escape or get taken from him. Giving up is not inevitable, but letting go is; some fireflies sit and wait, others spread their wings and fly away. Becoming something much bigger, something above all other fireflies; angels. The dim-lighted fireflies often try to belittle the brighter ones, “The brighter you are, the easier you are to find in the dark where creatures conquer.” Which is true, dark places like high schools where evil creatures stomp on fireflies like ants. High school is where bright fireflies become dim. High school is a playground for some and a battlefield for others, constantly having to dodge words filled with hurt, and kids behind social media accounts. Sometimes, a firefly gets stomped on so much to the point where their beautiful light goes out. Like a lightbulb with too much power, explodes. There fast beating heart no longer beats, there eyes no longer sparkle, and there light no longer shines. The stomping became so hard they decided that being apart of the ground would be much easier, and so they did. 

This outraged Father, sending him into a downward spiral. Sadness turns to anger which carries a partner of revenge almost every time, attacking the evil creatures. We call him, Karma. 

Father being creator of life. Mother being creator of fireflies and fireflies being children.

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Firefly, Fly Away
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