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Fire and Water - Beautiful Passion

A Romance Between the Stars and the Sea

Fire and Water – Beautiful Passion

Before the day of winter oceans speak,

Dancing with waves and crashing upon the shore,

laughing with the birds in droplets that shower upon them

like a sweet rain.

Oh, shall we ever know you?

Your emerald glory is too vast to be known,

Our minds are opened by your depths,

Yet return closed at your gentle whisper by night.

Ocean, you think we don't notice, how you flirt with the stars,

winking, laughing, twirling to show off the dress our maker has clothed you with;

Perhaps the stars would dive beneath you had they been placed nearer.

Yet it is a love, like a Romeo and Juliet.

Water and fire cannot be lovers;

You try though, dearest ocean, and reflect them in all their glory,

In your glass, they play in the sky,

And dance to the rhythm of the moon.

We shall know the stars like we shall know you,

Our dear ocean,

As both hold depths beyond simple understanding,

You both dance,

Yet we miss the celebration in our business.

So tonight, I ask, to the stars and to the sea,

Shall we dance?

Shall we twirl to the twinkling of stars

in the pureness of glass?

I am innocent; You are too!

Hold me like a child, and I shall never forget you,

dearest sky, dearest ocean,

In my boat by the sea, I watch you,

And remember what it means to love.

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Fire and Water - Beautiful Passion
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