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Final Thoughts

On Day of Death

On the dusty field I wait

Among the trees and grass

Blood stains my face and arms, I will, perish here at last

In a sleep I fall for long, listening intently to deaths sweet song

In peace, in rest and in a heavenly way

Farewell my brothers, this be my day

I shed a tear once more again

To see boys join in a fever

To die as grown men

To prove their courage 

To gain their worth

Humans be the disease of the earth 

To shatter a Mothers already broken heart

To tear a lovers soul apart 

To starve in the cold and sleep among death

To shout like a madman or to hold your breath 

To hope that it could only get better

To live on a word, to wait for a letter

To hear the cries of gutless pain

That poor surgeon must amputate again!

Is that the smell of gangrene rot?

Is it his leg or mine, I have forgot! 

God, thank you for ending this miserable life

Take care of my children and my wife

And I hope our leaders are guilt ridden sore

To be sorry they ever mentioned war

Forgive me my foes, I am human too

And only the human condition will do

My spirit holds the love I keep

Now, father I am ready... lay me down to sleep!—

—Why am I still here? I still hear the men

I still hear the gushing

Again and again

I still feel the pulsing of blood in my ear

I still feel the anger

I still feel the fear

Must it take so long to go? 

And go I must, this I know! 

It's my time, I already see the grave

It's too late to bandage, too late to be saved

Yet they scurry around me, shouting my name

I'm dying you fool, will you refrain? 

Head forth and run, why do you wait? 

I cannot be given to God in this state!

The men back away

Finally I say! 

And weep like children

Fools, like children 

And leave me where my body lay

For nearly an hour, I wait for death

For the dark eternity, my last breath

It's only then I look to see

What state had really become of me

For the entirety of my little rhyme 

I had been dead the whole bloody time!

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Final Thoughts
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