Michelle Bridges
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Final Farewell

Saying Goodbye

I saw you at the funeral all dressed in black

You didn't see me watching, I was stood at the back

I saw you softly kiss the shiny coffin top

And the shaking that you couldn't stop

I heard our song as the curtains closed

You did so well to stay composed

Your speak of my life was hard to hear

It upset me so much as I moved near

I put my arms around your shivering frame

And whispered in your ear 'You weren't to blame'

Fighting my own inner demons of hell

Knowing that this was the final farewell

You held my hand through all my pain

As I watched your teardrops fall like rain

Always there to cheer me up

Especially when I'd had enough

You tried to hide your tears from me

But your sadness was there for all to see

I tried my hardest to beat this disease

But alas, it dropped me to my knees

I had no intentions of leaving, the decision wasn't mine

I took my last breath as the moonlight shined

Now I no longer feel the drain

As my body ceases to the strain

Blinded by the light as it shows the way

To the Pearly Gates of God's highway

I heard your screams as I floated away

For once not hiding your emotional display

I will always be close as you go about your day

Listening to memories of our songs that you play

I will caress your face as the tears start to fall

Tasting the teardrops in a forgotten pool

Please scatter my ashes in my favourite place

The one where we met and played kiss chase

Where we had our first lingering kiss

And I vowed I would make you my princess

I will never forget my one true love

As each day I will admire you from above

Please don't forgot me in the forthcoming years

I hope you think about me, but please no tears

The pain will ease in good time

And never regret that you were mine

Look out of your window on cold winter days

I will be the red-breasted robin who wants to stay

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Final Farewell
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