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Fertile Fields

The Greek mythology gods have spoken.

Photo by Mean Shadows on Unsplash

A cobbled stone made of red brick, which

I picked up and placed on a solid white

rock pressed against Venus whose tales of

Fertile Fields were just not true

The myths of the Greek Goddess Blue Moon

which shined against the Valleys Green Tall Fields

brought to mind of a Paper Copy Photo I had

of her riding upon a Big Charade of Fire, being pulled

by Two White Pegasus

I started to walk alone in the Center of the

Field, when suddenly a Big Strong Breeze

blow the photo out of my hands and into a

Big Leafless Oak Tree

Then a Storm gusts Tornado Wind blew and raise

the old photo past the clouds and into the

midnight sky

Good-Bye I waived to the paper photo

You are right to be set free

The Fertile Fields will become fertile once again when all the

Greek Goddess join Venus and come down as friends

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Fertile Fields
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