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Year-End Reflection

Bay Tides, Door County, Meka Carter

Down a country road, I discover the shore of a peaceful place

The arm of a great lake where waves cleanse rocks

I locate a spot, get lost in my thoughts, and presume they'll bathe me too

As this year comes to an end, I can’t help but to reflect on all changes experienced

On decisions made, good-byes relayed, and healing that appropriately began

Far from the woman I used to be—a formally sorrowful presence

I found the courage to follow through with shedding 16 years of wedded heaviness

Willingly walked away from a false sense of security—to fulfill my longing for tranquility

At the age of 20, I thought I knew us both

But how could I know you, when I was never formally introduced to myself first

Immaturely traded my solo trip for a partnership that in the end

Required I stack parts of my essence on a dusty shelf

As I analyze my life, perched here on this bay's coast

I allow felicity to envelop me wholly

Happiness secured only after learning to forgive

I bask in the comfort of loosening my grip

Bestowing a quiet might that supports my goal to carry on

Discovering a multitude of reasons to remain faithful as I move along

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