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Feelings of Inadequacy

Do you ever just feel like you're not worth it?

No matter what you may have in your possession or what you've accomplished, still cannot shake that feeling of hopelessness - have you ever been there b4???

do you ever get that feeling

that feeling of like the work you do is never enough?

do you ever feel like you ain’t doing nothin' with yourself

no matter how many times you try to rescue yourself

from this rut you’re stuck in

you will never come out?

i feel like that

do you ever feel like, inadequate?

i feel like that

some days, you just feel like life isn’t worth living

so you walk around with a bottle of liquor in one hand

and a black & mild in the other, trying to run away from

all your problems but the problems never go away, 

they just stay there

you can get drunk all you want

you can smoke as much tobacco as you want

but the problems never go away,

they just stay there

like do you ever get the urge to try

something stronger than marijuana

trying to run away from all your problems

but the problems never go away,

they just stay there

no matter how high you may be off them beans

the problems never go away, they just stay there

do you ever feel like, inadequate?

i feel like that

i feel like that a lot

do you ever feel unlovable

like no matter how many people you meet

they’re just not the ones for you

of all these fish that swim in the sea

somehow you’re the one nobody wants to form a school with

do you ever feel like that

i do

i mean

i feel like that

all the time

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Feelings of Inadequacy
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