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Some people fear

what they cannot see,

for if it's not there,

how could they believe?

But, if this were true,

then what of love?

You cannot see words,

so how could they be enough?

But then, what is the fear?

Fear to trust, fear of lies.

What is this fear,

beneath a disguise?

A fear to get close.

A fear of a touch.

A fear that love

will again escape my clutch.

My fear stems

from all the unknown.

That once again, I'd

be left all alone.

Or my fear is of change.

I can't guess what's next.

The puzzles of life

become too complex.

But, my fear makes me strong!

It can't hold me back!

I keep pushing on,

despite its attack.

My fear can't control me

I refuse it be so.

I refuse to allow it

to become my foe.

Instead I shall learn

to face fears with a grin.

The sooner I face them,

the sooner I win.

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