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Favorite Lies

I'm Right There, Always

When it's likely your heart will fade 

From the place dyed by love

Can I call you friend? 

In the vast darkness, saddened eyes search for perfection

From the black clouds surrounding your heart the heavy rains continue to fall

And the dim moonlight reflects within

I'm wading, knee-deep in a thousand voices

If yours is silent, I will never find it

It doesn't have to be perfect

It doesn't have to be beautiful

When it's likely your heart will fade 

From the place dyed by love

Can I call you friend?

If the suffering in your chest

Becomes too strong for you

Can I hold your hand?

How do we adore the lies we forget?

I wonder where change can come from

I think we already know

I'll follow this road forever

Until I find you

The memories are hiding in the shadows; leave them there

You say, "I don't know the origin of my happiness."

Is it possible you simply forgot?

A long time ago, the meaning of yesterday 

Seemed clear as day

I can't recall that time for you

Whether life is long or short,

The purpose we try to cherish

Lies only in the future distant

In order to write the story

Of crying eyes and joyful smiles alike,

Let's promise to do our best, always!

Why do we hate the truths we know?

I wonder where change can come from

You still don't know, though, do you?

The words you carry in your head are meaningless

But you're not letting go of them

You'll see the dream I see clearly if you do

As well as the bright dawn sun

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