I'm a sap.

You can have me when you want me

Even if I'm just a toy, flaunt me

You're free of flaws

Your words are my laws and I'm forever yours

If it leaves your lips

I'll lose my grip on what's sure

I'll even go to war

Fool me if you so please

Tell me the moon's made of cheese

And I'll climb to the sky on a grape vine

Crackers in hand for the Wine and Dine

Perception's reality, so blow smoke into my world of cracked mirrors

Tell me sweet nothings to take me from my fear or...

Better yet my phobia of being alone

Left to my own devices to deal with my existential crisis

You don't have to stay long

Just keep your presence strong

Stabilize the uneven ground as I run from the black dog

Clear my route of fog with a cool breeze, so I can sail the seven seas on the frailest ship

Grant me a steady trip

I'll ride smooth while I find the truth

All the while, waiting to see you again for my sugar sweet elation

Then I can rest easy in beatification

I pray that I never feel labored

I just wanna be favored

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