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Falling Through the Crack

Life Forever After

I was so young and completely out of control
Just 17 I didn't know I was selling my soul,

I was offered my first hit, by a pregnant lady 
Thought, it can't be that bad, if she can do it while with baby,

Little did I know, she was in a world of suffering
But didn't care, as long she could keep puffing,

Puffing on that pipe, on that night, started my own world of pain
Ended up using all day, everyday, just to keep myself from going insane

My mind and soul ache, my body started to grow frail
I just wanted all this to end, maybe even go to jail 

7 yrs past, all I own was the clothes on my back, and the pipe I kept in hand
I was wishing for death, then coming straight at me, was a van!

The van was speeding and lost control and was coming my way,
I realize that I didn't want to die, I DID want to live another day 

I cried and cried, asking God to please make this suffering STOP! 
I walk into dealers, he's asleep, I find 50 pieces of crack, that's A LOT!!! 

I think WOO HOO, things are going to go GREAT tonight
I'm going to get high, right til the morning light

I have all this crack and yet I was still crying and feeling sad
How is that possible? I know, this batch of crack must be bad,

So I asked God again, PLEASE help me get away from this hell
Just then I heard someone bang and ring the doorbell,

I didn't have time to think, in came the police, yelling GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR 
I got down on the floor, saying please help me, I cannot live like this anymore! 

Little did I know, there was a warrant for my arrest, for a bunch of little crimes
They ended up throwing me in prison for a very, very long time,

It was inside that prison, I found a new love for life,
I wanted to be a mom, I even wanted to be someone's wife!

I finished my time and rushed out the prison doors 
for once in my life, I wanted to live and have so much more!

I eventually met my husband and together we had a child 
I no longer do drugs and live that life, that was SO wild,

That beautiful child has just turned 19, this past October 
And June 28 that passed, makes it 21 years I have been sober 

If you're a crack addict reading this, and you just want your life back!
I'm here to tell you, that there is a life after you have
"Fallen Through The Crack" 

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Falling Through the Crack
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