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Beautiful and Broken

source: Soragrit Wongsa

Am I still beautiful when my flesh has been marred?
I am damaged and hurt and worn.
Will they still want me after I have shown them I’m scarred?
My soul is bruised and old and torn.

They say the resilient cells in our flesh are constantly made new.
Does that mean I am a creature untouched by you?

I desire a passionate intimacy just as any other.
I want to be kissed and caressed.

But I am so afraid to be hurt by another.
Even tender touches will cause me to be distressed.

They say we are not victims but survivors.
Then why do their condolences make them liars?

I have forgiven for sake of my sanity but can I not still be angry?
Can I not be indignantly appalled at this society?
I look at young girls, even boys, and I do not want them to be like me.
When will we be allowed to speak of these crimes and forsake false propriety?

They say speak up, they say they care.
               But then they hush us. 
                                                     So...how is that fair? 

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