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A Poem

Sell me the "Truth" and I tell you a


Outward looking, everything seems ok in the


Potatoes crowding the couch are simply misplaced, never


I always knew that claiming I'm normal would sound


Say you've lost your appetite and I didn't hesitate to

Re-plate it,

The "burn notice," got us all fired up, we wonder whom

Cre-made it.

Things didn't go up in smoke till we got lost in the


Breaking news Live, on the broad shoulders of a cast that got lost in the


Rescue all of these "day dreamers," let's spring them from the


It was "a shot in the dark" that brought everything to


This is the day you give in to everything that you still


We are strong enough to not say Yes but our "Will"


Gave up the search for the forbidden fruit and decided to fetch a


With all the extra hands we've asked for how could we not catch a


Share a Laugh at my expense completely oblivious to the


Time to get my numbers up while they assume I'm down for the


Promoting a change of space within these close


I've reconstructed enough walls to defensively not oppose


Hats off to those who would preferably wear a thinking


I am who I am, but who am I to be thinking