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Explicit Love

Love me long time.

Photo by Alexis Fowler

Got you smiling from ear to ear

Wayward thoughts cross your mind.

Feeling like anything is possible

Now I got to make you mine.

Only time will tell

Will you stay or will you go?

What are you doing to me?

Mind I'm losing

Heart is skipping

You I'm wanting...


Are you even capable,

Is it possible for you to try.

Let's make this love work

It's your love that gets me high.

Sipping off this champagne,

Ballinger got us feeling good.

Touching on your body,

Celebrating cause we could.

Lay me down tonight,

Bound me with your gray tie.

Make it last forever

Evermore until we die.

Only time has told,

Forever you have stayed,

Oh what you do to me!

Mind I've lost

Heart has skipped

You I have...


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Explicit Love
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