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Expired Time


I don’t have time.

When I say I don’t have time for relationships anymore, what I mean is I don’t have time for:

meaningless texts,


& FaceTimes.

Those “Come Thru, just so I can use you because I’m lonely” type of people.

I don’t have time for useless dates & indecisiveness, I don’t have time to fall for someone

only to end up

landing flat on my face,

drowning in the deepest parts of my emotions.

I don’t have time for: “maybe,”

“I think so,”

“I’m not sure.”

I don’t have time to waste any more time.

I can’t see myself opening up letting my walls down

only to end up wishing

I would’ve built them 1,000,000,000 feet higher.

I know it's selfish for me to be this way, but every time I try

it always ends the same.

Maybe I’m the one to blame, but then again,

I could very well say

you guys made me this way.

I’m not completely writing off relationships. I’m MORE CAUTIOUS,

caring for ME


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Jewell Coleman
Jewell Coleman

Poetry has always been the fastest way for me to release the emotions, thoughts & feelings that were haunting me. When nothing in life makes sense, poetry does, it gives me an indescribable relief ... Instagram: @itsjewellbabe 

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Expired Time
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