In Response to Hate

Settle down and stop telling people they don't exist.

It gets very disheartening after a while.

You can believe what you will,

but my gender identity is not an opinion.

It is a fact,

whether you like it or not.

Stop spouting hate,

and try to listen when we educate.

Don’t cut us off

or say it’s not true

because how we identify

is not about you.

Genderfluid, transgender or queer

Bi, Pan, Aro, or Ace,

We exist and this is our place

as much as it is yours.

So take a seat,

learn the terms

and information

then you can yell about damnation,

if you still think it’s true.

I am me,

and who I am is not up for debate.

It is not a place where we can disagree.

It’s not like coffee or tea.

This is my life, and I will live it my way.

So shut up and get over it.

You cannot disagree on someone's existence.

You just can’t.

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Danni Greer
Danni Greer

I grew up in southern Virginia as a genderfluid person. I write mostly poems, stories, and personal essays trying to deal with stuff I face every day. Look in the mirror and I'm the shadow, blending harmlessly into the background.

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