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Payable on death

How did we come to this island? Carried by a sea raging river of sorrow.

Why can't we learn from our pain? Is it this feeling of desperation? Emotional deceleration, my soul is weighed down by the chains of a tragic madness.

Why does everything here seem to just go away? Especially those you want most to stay.

I can tell by the tears that it will be raining all day. And I will be left to wander in this shadowy fog of regret and confusion.

I look for you there, in my delusion. I am screaming but there is no sound to be revealed. You are lost forever. Another wound that can never be healed. It just seems so surreal here. I have been for a while.

There's nothing for me but sadness here. So forgive me if I don't smile. Every day is another tragedy on this island. This is the island of exile.

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