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Epistle of Dimethyltryptamine

A Poem of DMT

“Pervadere (Intermingled)”

I have come to tell you

Of what cannot be told

A sight upon a structure

That’s never been foretold

Nor could it truly be

Your senses have to see

The harmonious rupture;

Life’s meaning will unroll

The living mind it’s lover

Say so, people of old?

Play a little bold

And you’ll come to uncover

There is no hastiness

Yet everything arrives

One journey could unfold

Reality’s disguise

Truly, it’s not hiding

It is present all around

It is us; our wayward shying

From what by it is all bound

Loosely but still neatly

It doesn’t try to hold,

Anything together

But does so, uncontrolled

Only singles essence;

The going of the pace

The making that’s not made

Holding everlasting grace

But so, you could have fun

With this mindly miracle

While you still have yours;

Under the physical

Feel it and you’ll see

See it and you’ll feel

What it means to be

And what is really real

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Epistle of Dimethyltryptamine
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