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Put Into Perspective

I’ve scaled tall trees

for their nectar, some more bitter

than sweet.

The fruit of some more rewarding

than others, but to know

the taste, to know its dance

across my tongue,

that would be enough

for my stomach to rid

any feeling of being holey.

I’ve lapped through depths

of rivers, some more shallow

than the rest, shades of dark blue

preferred to green, but to reach

the other side, to claim

the water touched my skin,

that would be enough

for my body

to feel cleansed and holy.

I’ve stretched my arms out

towards the sun.

I’ve walked miles

before it set, but to say I sought

a star, to say I wore holes

in the bottoms of my shoes

in seek of such,

that would be enough

for my heart

not to give up on good wholly.

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