Bittersweet Poetry

Forbidden energy,

You flow down my spine,

And charge up from my feet,

Forever synergy,

Expanding through my mind,

Invading every thought I keep,

I search for rest at night,

But it is you whom I still see,

The most pleasant nightmare,

The most unpleasant dream,

I awake in your love,

I astral project in my sleep,

Suspended in your space and time,

With hopes of you beside me,

Perplexed by your mere presence,

I stand in awe of your omnipresence,

I concur and I observe,

My emotions everspending,

A prisoner of infinite regression,

I worship the rising of your sun,

And its untimely descending,

I hopelessly wander your universe,

I hopefully wonder of your unending,

I am lost and never to be found,

Found and damned to be forever lost,

Banished from all hopes of ascension,

Ignored of all attempts of attention,

I thirst for her affection,

The wicked son of affliction,

Removed from her divine dimension,

I am not worthy,

And she is worth much more,

I am a sinful memory,

And she is pure,

The saddest elegy,

To be read never more,

Forbidden energy. 

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