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Empty Room


It sucks to be alone in an empty room,

With the thoughts that circle your head.

The silence that surrounds you it’s like you are doomed,

But in fact it’s the darkness of the space.

You try and sleep but it’s no use,

The thoughts and voices get louder.

As you lie awake in this miserable hour you stare at the empty bottle of booze,

Which you thought would get you past the night by knocking you out to tomorrow.

As the sun arises the room stays dark,

Mainly because of the curtains that block it.

You look down at you wrists which are marked,

And think can i go on another day?

Still alone in the dark empty room you remain awake in your bed,

Deciding whether to get up because you are physically and emotionally drained.

The voices getting louder and at this point you wish you were dead,

The pain is still there but you are numb everywhere.

Lying on your bed listening to music to drown the thoughts,

While reading a book to block out the voices.

Looking back at the scars on your wrist thinking the pain was your fault,

When in fact it was people who you thought would never hurt you.

As the days go by you suddenly grow stronger than ever,

Finally being able to do the things you love.

So now when someone says I will never hurt you, I say “whatever,”

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Empty Room
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