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Emptiness // Baby Girl

For when You're Feeling Empty and Lost

Baby Girl,

i know what it’s like to wake up in the morning to sunlight shining through your window and an empty pit at the bottom of my stomach. i know you feel like giving up as you stare up at the popcorn ceiling with blurry vision and a pounding head, as the loneliness wraps around your body and consumes you like the crashing waves before a storm.

But remember- the waves can only drown you if you step foot into the ocean and the loneliness can only devour you if you do the same. i know it’s scary to face the world some days, and trust me when i say there will be times when the terror renders you motionless. But you know more than anyone else that being brave isn’t a choice we make, it’s something we’re forced to do to survive.

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Emptiness // Baby Girl
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