Emotional Temptation


It's deep.

It's flooding.

Feels like the urge of wanting a cigarette,

Does it ever go away?

It's getting deeper,

Seems never ending.

The cigarette is right there,

You can't reach it.

You're drowning,

Can you reach the top for air?

It's pouring in,

But maybe?

You see the light,

But it fades.

That cigarette is gone,

In your hand.

That first hit,

The high.

The water is calming,

You can breathe.

It's slowly burning as you watch,

Not wanting it to leave.

Knowing you should drop it, 

But it feels too good.

Knowing the dam is temporary,

It's going to flood again.

Then the dam shatters,

It's flooding once again.

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Emotional Temptation
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