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Emotional Scars

Can his love heal her?

(Could his love be the healing balm for her emotional scars?)

He touched places no one else ever did. 

He made her feel things no one else ever could.

He studied her and read her like a book: began to anticipate her movements even before she was aware of her own responses.

He stepped into the corridors of her mind and swung open every door, except the one bolted shut with a large heavy padlock.

He vowed he would nurture her with the kind of love necessary for her mental and emotional healing.

He would speak life to her! He ached for her to trust his heart's intent and eventually relinquish her tight grip upon the padlock's key.

His heart's intent was pure and simple... to love her fully, even her tattered pieces. Her hidden scars did not scare him.  

He believed the wealth of his love would conquer her fears.

She, however,

had no intention of relinquishing her grip or rendering herself vulnerable with transparency;

She cared far too much to allow him to see her greatest flaw. 

(To be continued..)

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Emotional Scars
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